San Francisco: TJ Cups

After dinner at Cheung Hing, I insisted on finding some pearl tea to round out the meal even though we were both bloated from all the rice we had.  I figured we could digest a bit as we block down to TJ Cups:

The space was cute and modern:

We could have sat there and played board games, but it was getting late, so we took our drinks to go:

My sister ordered the Hong Kong style milk tea with pearls (darker one toward the front), while I got the TJ signature milk tea with pearls.  Both cost $4.25 for a large sized cup ($4 for a regular). 

Definitely not the cheapest pearl tea around, but they take their tea seriously at TJ Cups.  When I dropped my sister off at her apartment, we couldn't tell in the dark which cup was which.  But one sip of the HK milk tea and I knew it wasn't mine.  The signature milk tea had a strong tea flavor, but it definitely wasn't nearly as strong as the HK one.

Expensive, yes, but I wouldn't mind going back once in a while.  I just probably wouldn't go out of my way to Noriega to get it.  Seems like a chill place to hang out with friends though.

TJ Cups
2437 Noriega St
San Francisco, CA 94122 
(415) 681-2877


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