South Bay: Hi Pot

When a good high school friend came to visit from DC, a bunch of us got together to catch up.  One of the group was an old elementary school friend who I hadn't seen in about a decade.  We were the best of friends as children, but I knew virtually nothing about who was now.  However, just from that short get together, I could tell that she was good people.  So I made it a point to reconnect with her.

We quickly realized that we both love food.  Since we both had President's Day off, we met up for lunch at Hi Pot:

Guess everyone else still had to work.  The place was nearly empty when we arrived:

Though by the time we finished, there was a line out the door.

The lunch special came with rice and an ice tea (you get a choice of black or green):

Hi Pot is known for its spice dry pot.  There are plenty of pre-set combinations on the menu or you can design your own.  Too lazy to do that, I just went with the pork combination spice pot ($11.95 for a small):

It came with pork stomach, pork intestine, pork belly, cauliflower, potato, celery, and bean curd skin.  Because I'm weaksauce, I got my pot not spicy.  I know, I know.  Judge away.  But the pot was delicious all the same.  A little oily, but nothing a little potato and rice won't soak up.  I was beyond tickled that the potato actually came in the form of French fries. 

Every time I've passed by Hi Pot since then, I've seen a giant crowd of people waiting at the door.  I get it though.  The prices are decent, the portions are generous, and the food is good.  What's not to love? 

Hi Pot
19066 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014 
(408) 366-2318


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