San Francisco: Cheung Hing Restaurant

After our last naturalization workshop in San Francisco, I met up with my sister for dinner before heading back home to the South Bay.  About a week prior, my sister had told me she was craving beef and scrambled egg over rice.  Which of course led me down memory lane to my undergrad days and caused me to start craving it as well. 

So when she told me she'd found a place that had it, I demanded that we go there.  I didn't even mind driving and finding street parking.  That's how much I wanted it.

Cheung Hing looked exactly as I expected it to:

Roasted ducks hanging in the window, not much décor to speak of, basically your typical Chinese hole-in-the-wall:

We were lucky enough to get the last open table right by the door.  Soon after we sat down, a line started forming.  Most people were there to buy barbecue meat to go.

We, however, were there for this:

The beef and scrambled egg over rice ($7.95).  It was everything I remembered it to be.  Saucy, goopy, and glorious mixed in with the rice.

We also got the minced beef with egg over rice ($7.95):

When we didn't see the egg at first glance, we asked our server about it.  Like Shaun T, she told us to dig deeper:

This is one of the rare occasions when I am perfectly okay with popping an egg yolk.  You gotta mix it in until it's all one big sloppy mess.  Ah.  So good.

Real love is eating all the peas for your sister because she hates them with a fiery passion.  Thanks, boo.  You're the best.

We probably shouldn't have had all that rice, but it's so damn satisfying.  These types of rice plates are the ultimate comfort food for me.  There's something about warm goopy rice that just hits the spot.  Even if it's carb overload.

Thank you, Cheung Hing, for bringing me back to my childhood. 

Cheung Hing Restaurant
2339 Noriega St
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 665-3271


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