South Bay: Taqueria La Placita

In February, my co-workers and I went down to Hayward to do a free immigration consultation day at the Hayward Unified School District.  There were over 30 people signed up for consultations, so we knew it would be an action-packed day. 

The only thing that kept us going was the prospect of getting tacos for lunch.  When we knew we were going to Hayward, the first thing we did was look up restaurants in the area.  The one we ultimately decided on was Taqueria La Placita.

We had only an hour for lunch, so time was limited.  In the rush to eat and then to get back to the school, I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the exterior.  Sorry.

But one look at this interior of Taqueria La Placita and you know it's legit:

When you find construction workers eating at a Mexican restaurant, you can tell you're in for some great grub.

The place was tiny and completely packed.  We were lucky to snag not only a table, but one with a paper towel roll. 

I got myself a regular-sized horchata:

And the taco plate ($8.50), which came with three tacos, rice, and beans:

I could have gotten as many tacos as I could've stuffed in my mouth for $2.50 per taco, but I wanted to stay under $10 and be as full as possible.  Instead of a fourth taco, I figured rice and beans would do the trick.

For my meats, I went with my holy trinity: tripas (tripe), lengua (tongue), and cabeza (head meat).  I think two of the three cost extra, but I honestly don't remember which.  All three were delicious.  I could have eaten another one of each.  Maybe two.

Loved Taqueria La Plactia.  We go to Hayward once a year for consultations, so I can definitely see us going back.

Taqueria La Placita
27548 Tampa Ave
Hayward, CA 94544
(510) 784-0583


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