South Bay: Mr. Falafel

Last month, out of nowhere, T asked if my sister and I would like to spend a weekend with her and CV in Yosemite.  A client of hers had apparently offered her his vacation home in Bass Lake to use...for free.  We were immediately onboard, but we also a bit skeptical.   

None of my clients would ever offer me something like that.  Then again, none of my clients have vacation homes to begin on.  (I usually get food, which is just fine with me.)

To add to our skepticism, the address he gave us didn't show on Google Maps.  We set out that Friday afternoon unsure of whether this place even existed.

We were kept in suspense for a long while.  After driving for more than an hour, we had only made it as far as Morgan Hill thanks to traffic.  The original plan was to try to get to the house before dark.  When T pointed out that we were close to a good falafel restaurant, we tossed that plan right out the window and made a detour.

Mr. Falafel looked like it had been converted from a Wienerschnitzel:   

It was tiny inside, with the kitchen taking up most of the space:

We bought everything to-go and had ourselves a feast in our rental car.

My sister and I got half a dozen falafel (the place was called Mr. Falafel after all) for $3:

They were perfectly fried, with a crunchy outer shell,  The falafel themselves were seasoned well, though they tasted even better dipped in tahini sauce. 

When we saw that we could get shawarma over fries ($10.95), we knew we had to get it:

It's like the Mediterranean version of carne asada fries and it's magical.  Instead of pico de gallo, you get tabbouleh and instead of sour cream, you get tahini sauce.  It strangely tasted almost...healthy.  Heh.

T and CV ordered the shawarma salad ($10.95), which came with hummus and feta cheese:

And the shawarma over rice ($10.95), which came with tabbouleh:

It also came with a side of toasted pita:

Everything was delicious.  Every.  Single.  Thing. 

My favorite falafel has always been Falafel's Drive In, but Mr. Falafel might actually give them a run for their money.  Too bad it's in Morgan Hill.  I hardly ever go south from where I live.  I know it's not logical, but for some reason, it just feels so far.

We eventually did make it to Bass Lake (though it was definitely very much dark when we got there) and to our immense relief, the house did exist.  Not only that, but it was quite nice to boot.


Mr. Falafel
17455 Monterey St
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
(408) 778-7777


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