San Francisco: Arsicault Bakery

I am not ashamed to say this.  I declined lunch with my coworkers one Saturday because I had plans to go on a Poké adventure with my sister and CL in the city.  You read that right.  I turned down food because I wanted to catch Pokémon.


We did manage to work food into our Poké day though.  To fuel our hunt, we started with breakfast at Arsicault

The line wasn't too bad when we got there (probably due to the rain), but it quickly grew by the time we left.

The interior was tiny.  You basically inch your way to the front of the line, point out which pastries you want, and then choose whether to inch your way back out or try to find a table half a flight up:

Luckily, we scored a table.  Flaky pastries are a mess to eat on the go.

We got the chocolate almond croissant ($5.25):

With gooey chocolate and almond filling:

My personal favorite was the ham and cheese croissant ($5.25):

That was some really, really smoky ham:

The kouign amann ($4) was crackly and sweet:

Arsicault is by no means cheap.  I mean, c'mon.  Over 5 bucks for a croissant?  I may have moved up in the world since I left school, but not that far.  Not that far at all.  So while I can see Arsicault as a treat yo self once in a while kind of place, I definitely would not be able to afford to become a regular.

That's the dream, though.  That's the dream.

P.S.  If you're curious about how our Poké adventure went, it went swimmingly.  We swore we wouldn't go home until all three of us caught enough Magikarp to evolve a Gyarados and we didn't.  I made my sister and CL walk an extra quarter lap around Stow Lake just so I could catch the last two Magikarp I needed.  Booyah.

Arsicault Bakery
397 Arguello Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 750-9460


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