Japan: Miki Keiran

Though we walked through Nishiki Market, we didn't buy much to eat because we were so full from lunch at Kyoto Gogyo.  Instead, we browsed around for souvenirs:

We did, however, make it a point to stop by Miki Keiran:

We had to buy some dashimaki tamago even if it meant carrying it with us as we explored temples in Gion:

We finally sat down to taste it later in the day, after finding a hidden little cherry blossom trove. 

Unlike its sweeter counterpart in Tokyo (the more traditional tamagoyaki), the Kansai-style rolled omelet is made with more concentrated dashi stock, which gives it a more umami flavor. 

Though it seems like a simple dish, the execution takes lots of skill.  Miki Keiran has definitely mastered the art of dashimaki tamago.  I mean, look at it.  You can't even tell that it's a rolled omelet.  It just looks like a block of pure egg.  The texture was soft and smooth and the flavor!  No condiments necessary.

If you ever find yourself at Nishiki Market, stop by Miki Keiran and buy yourself a dashimaki tamago.  Just make sure to share with someone because even the small is a lot of egg.  You'll want to save space in your stomach for other tasty things. 

Learn from our mistake.  Never enter a market full.  Or even partly full.

+81 075 221 1585


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