Japan: Izuu

From what I can gather, the most popular place to try Kyoto-style sushi is Izuju.  We were prepared to brave the lines, but when we arrived at the front door, we found a sign that said they were closed that day.  As it wasn't Monday, their regularly scheduled day of rest, it threw us off for a little bit. 

But we quickly rallied, reversed directions, and headed to Izuu instead:

We had to wait a little bit when we first arrived, but by the time we sat down, the other tables had cleared:

We ordered the tai (sea bream) sushi (2916 yen or around $29.16 for six pieces):

And the sabasugata (mackerel) sushi (2430 yen or around $24.30 for six pieces):

Once you remove the thick, sticky outer seaweed layer, you get this:

Just gorgeous.  But if you don't like fishiness (the saba being much fishier than the tai, but I like it that way) or very vinegary rice, this is not for you.  Though we only had twelve pieces in total to share between the two of us, it became a real struggle toward the end.  There was just so...much...rice.

Also, can we just take a moment to reflect on how expensive that stuff is?  Damn. 

Apologies, Izuu.  I'm too much of a peasant to really appreciate you.  I would be just as happy with the sushi I can find at Nishiki market.

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