Taiwan: Miaokou Night Market (Revisited)

On CK's first full day in Taiwan, my original plan was to take her to Jiu Fen for lunch and then swing by Miaokou Night Market for an early dinner before heading back home.  Apparently, I should have done a bit more research because when we arrived in Keelung, it was a bit too early for the night market to be in full swing:

Two blocks worth of food were open, but they seemed much less impressive than what I remember from my first visit.

My dad checked with a local vendor who told us another block of food stalls would open up only after 4:30 pm.  We could have waited another 45 minutes for that, but after looking around and not really finding anything particularly enticing, we decided not to.

Instead, my mother nabbed a pork blood skewer:

And then we shared a bowl of ding bian cuo, which is essentially sheets of rice noodle in soup with pork, squid, bamboo, and other veggies:

We definitely didn't do Miaokou night market justice, but we were tired from walking all morning and we'd already filled up our stomachs most of the way in Jiu Fen.

Excuses, excuses, I know.  I'll do better next time.

Maybe we should have waited because by the time we got back to Danshui, we'd digested enough to snack through the night market there...and eat some instant noodles back at home.


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