Japan: Vie de France

One thing I learned about CK on this past trip: sometime between law school graduation and the present, she went from being unable to drink more than a couple sips of coffee without feeling ill to developing a caffeine addiction that causes her to turn into a growly bear if she doesn't get a cup of joe in the morning.  Once we diagnosed the problem, we made it a point to locate coffee for her every morning.

After our satisfying breakfast at Endo Sushi, we passed by this bakery on our way to the subway station:

Bakeries in Asia are the best:

We walked in for the coffee, but we stayed for the bread:

We'd just eaten and we planned on eating even more at the Kuromon Market next, but that didn't stop us from buying a mentai roll (160 yen or around $1.60) and a milk tea churro (140 yen or around $1.40):

The churro was incredibly crisp and airy and tasted like an Earl Grey dream.

Though the English name of the buns were included on the signs, the descriptions were entirely in Japanese.  Which meant we could only guess what was inside the mentai bun.  What was actually in it surpassed all of our expectations:

That creamy mentaiko (marinated roe) filling!  That soft bread!  So savory with a bit of a kick.  There must have been kewpie mayo in it.

No regrets.  That was a damn good bun.

Vie de France
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