Taiwan: Costco

The week that I spent in Taiwan recently was for the most part consumed by family matters.  It had been over a decade since the last time my nuclear family went back to the motherland together, so we had a lot of relatives to visit.

All this is to say that we didn't really get to go out and explore and eat new things.

We did, however, get to step foot into our first Taiwanese Costco.  It was weird because everything was so familiar and yet so different.  Instead of turkey and swiss roll ups, there were smoked salmon ones.  Instead of platters of cocktail shrimp, there were trays of fresh nigiri.  Chicken soup?  Forget that.  Buy laksa instead.  Head to the refrigerated aisle and you can get hot spring eggs and rice burgers.

And the free samples!  Such glorious free samples!

There was no way we weren't going to stop at the food court:

No berry smoothie, but there was a honey lemon slush (59 NT or almost $2):

So refreshing!  I actually still think about that slushie.  Sigh.  I miss it.  I'm praying that the Costco gods will one day bring it to the States.

No plain pepperoni pizza in Taiwan, oh no.  Your options are combo, Hawaiian, and seafood, which is what we ordered:

One slice costs 60 NT or about $2.

I was a little disappointed that they didn't have Peking duck pizza, which someone brought me once on a previous trip to Taiwan.  The seafood one wasn't bad though.

This isn't a normal chicken bake:

It's a bulgogi bake!:

Holy cow!  For 89 NT (almost $3), I would be at Costco all the time getting my bake on.  So freakin' delicious.

Costco is a magical place.  It's a magical place here and it's even more magical abroad.  I would definitely recommend checking out the local Costco whenever you travel.  You never know what you might find.

It may just blow your mind.



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