South Bay: Poké House


I had a great time in both Taiwan and Japan, but before I can start telling you about all my adventures abroad, I still have one more post I have to get out from before my trip.

Right before my Ahyi took my sister and me to the airport, we walked over to Poke House for dinner.  The place had just opened fairly recently and even though it was a rainy evening, there was still a line out the door:

Just like all the other poke joints that have been sprouting up all over the place these days, Poke House is set up similar to Chipotle where you go down a counter and pick what you would like to add to your bowl:

So many options:

First, you choose what size bowl you want.  A medium goes for $9.95 while a large goes for $11.95.  Then, you select your base.  You can choose from white rice, brown rice, mixed greens, kale, or a mix of the above.

Protein comes next in the form of tuna, salmon, albacore, octopus, spicy tuna, and scallops.  For a medium, you get three scoops whereas for a large, you get four.

Once you have your protein down, you get to pick what dressing you want.  Your options include sriracha aioli and ponzu, kuro shoyu, wasabi creme, spicy ponzu, ponzu lime, and sweet unagi sauce.  You can pick as many as your little heart desires.

Before they start mixing your creation, you let them know what pre-mix toppings you would like to add.  There's everything from radish to edamame, pineapple to mango, jalapenos to cherry tomatoes.  Even after the mixing is done, you still aren't finished because you have to choose what post-mix toppings you would like.  Possible toppings include crab salad, sesame seeds, furikake, crispy garlic, and dried coconut flakes.

You can actually just order one of Poke House's pre-designed signature bowls, but where's the fun in that?

Here's what my medium bowl looked like :

There was so much that I had trouble closing a lid over it.  I had even more trouble trying to mix it.

Here's what my bowl looked like post-mixing:

I got both white rice and mixed salad.  For my three scoops, I went with salmon, tuna, and albacore.  I skipped the fruit options, but went pretty ham on the toppings.  I especially loved the crispy garlic.  I could eat those as chips.

The group of prom-goers who later walked in with their prom outfits on seemed to like their poke bowls as well.  I wish Poke House was around back when I was in high school.  Poke House for dinner before prom sounds pretty damn brilliant.

I am very pleased with Poke House (crispy garlic!) and I'm doubly glad that it is walking distance from my house.

I foresee many an excursion to Poke House in the future.

Poké House
1698 Hostetter Rd
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 753-9361


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