South Bay: Omega Family Restaurant

Today's the day!  T minus six hours before we leave for the airport.  But before then, I have time to squeeze in one more post.

This morning, my sister and I met with Nana and her mother at Omega Family Restaurant for breakfast:

Nana happened to be in the Bay undergoing training for her new job.  We managed to get together for dinner already once last week, but my sister couldn't make it, so this morning was for her.

My sister and I were a bit hesitant about Omega at first.  We never really noticed the restaurant when we went to that plaza in the past.  We always just shopped at the Asian grocery store and left.  We had also just never heard anyone talk about eating there.

So we were quite surprised to find the place bumpin' when we arrived:

We immediately fell in love with the old-time diner feel of the place.  Apparently the restaurant used to be owned by a Greek family, but has since been taken over by a Mexican one.  According to Nana's mother, the new owners have taken the place and made it their own.

Our original plan was to share an entree so we wouldn't end up with leftovers.  But then we saw the crazy long menu and said screw it.  We're each getting our own.

I got the chorizo skillet ($11.75):

That beauty had everything I needed in a morning meal: chorizo, onions, tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, country potatoes, and salsa.

It also came with a choice of toast or pancake.  I went with sourdough toast:

My sister ordered the Omega omelette ($11.55):

The omelette came stuffed with diced ham, sausage, onions, and green peppers and topped with melted American cheese and a slice of pineapple.  My sister elected to get hash browns over country potatoes and the pancake over toast:

That pancake.  That's it.  That pancake.  Wow.

I'm sorry we underestimated you, Omega.  Good food in big portions at affordable prices served by friendly staff.  We should have known that Nana and her mother would never take us somewhere less than awesome.

We'll be back.

Omega Family Restaurant
90 S Park Victoria Dr
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 946-8748


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