San Francisco: Szechuan Taste Restaurant

We drove by Szechuan Taste Restaurant a few times on our way to drop my sister off in San Francisco.  Each time, my parents would comment that they'd heard it was good.  We finally tried it for ourselves last weekend:

We got there for an early dinner, which was good because apparently it gets busy later in the evening:

The restaurant is called Szechuan Taste in English and the sign clearly states (in both English and Chinese) that it serves Hakka cuisine.  My father was really excited about that as Hakka cuisine isn't easy to come by.  But after perusing the menu and questing the waitress, we discovered that the restaurant isn't Hakka at all.  Or Szechuan, for that matter.

We were bummed for a bit, but then the food arrived and we quickly forgot all about our disappointment.

We ordered the set meal for three ($28).  It came with minced beef and tofu soup:

Garlic with mustard greens:

Spicy salted prawns:

Spicy salted spareribs:

And deep fried sanddab:

Everything was yummy, but I must talk about those spareribs.  THOSE SPARERIBS.  Our waitress told us the spareribs were really popular, but we've always thought of spicy salted spareribs as being a rather basic dish, so we didn't take her too seriously.

I'm so sorry, Miss Waitress.  I shouldn't have doubted you.  Those spareribs bordered on magical.  It had just enough fat to avoid being dry and was so freshly fried that the outside was super crispy.

We should have stopped there, but as usual, my parents couldn't help themselves.  My mother wanted the Fukien scallop and prawn over rice ($8.50):

While my father was tempted by the lobster with noodles ($15.95):

As if that wasn't enough, we added on some intestines in XO sauce:

The set meal also came with oranges at the end:

Szechuan Taste is my kind of Chinese restaurant.  Fast service (the food started arriving before we could finish pouring the tea), no frills, and affordable prices.  Not to mention everything tastes freshly prepared and delicious.

So even though it's not really Szechuan or Hakkan, I will definitely be back to Szechuan Taste Restaurant again.  Most likely with my parents.  THey really enjoyed it too.

Szechuan Taste Restaurant
917 Taraval St
San Francisco, CA 94116
(415) 681-8383


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