South Bay: Li Yuan Dim Sum

Last Sunday, I was feeling a little under the weather, so I went out with my parents for some pho from Pho Kim Long.  To avoid infecting the general public, we ordered our noodles to go.

While waiting for our order, my mother and I went next door to Li Yuan Dim Sum:

Li Yuan is about a basic as you can get:

Cash only, passable quality, and everything jumbo sized.  Just look at these siu mai (3 for $2.80):

Freakin huge.

The real reason why we walked into Li Yuan was this, the mochi (3 for $2.60):

Unless you're in the mood for cheap, mediocre dim sum, I would say the mochi is really the only thing worth getting at Li Yuan.  They're huge and the filling is generous.

You can choose between red bean and peanut.  We prefer the peanut:

The peanut sugar filling is great (love the large peanut pieces), but I actually wish the mochi was smaller so that there could be more mochi to filling.  So much of the filling gets a little too sweet if you eat a whole one by yourself in one sitting.

This is probably the only time you'll hear me complaining about food being too big.

My mom bought three mochi thinking we could have one per person.  But by the time we were supposed to leave for the airport, all three remained untouched.

I should probably mention at this time that my family is going on a family trip to Taiwan.  It's been about a decade since all four of us went back to Taiwan together, so we took advantage of my sister's last real spring break in med school to make it happen.  My parents left ahead of us last Sunday while my sister and I will be joining them this week.

Knowing that I would be home alone for the week, I forced my mother to eat at least one mochi before I took her to the aiport.  This left me with two giant mochi along with all the other perishable food in the house I was expected to clear out before my own flight this weekend.

I carefully planned out what to eat for which meal on which day in order to get rid of everything.  All of my plans were thrown off by a well-meaning family friend who thought I would starve home alone.  Just when I polished off the last of the mochi, I came home from work to find a bag of food tied to my front door.  In that bag was a random assortment of food, which included a box of not one, not two, but THREE GIANT MOCHI.


I'm leaving tomorrow night and the three mochi are still there.

Oh dear.

Li Yuan Dim Sum
2070 N Capitol Ave
San Jose, CA 95132
(408) 262-1988


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