San Francisco: Wonderful Dessert & Cafe

My sister started medical school at UCSF in August.  We took advantage of how close she lives to the Chinese part of the Outer Sunset and explored a bit after helping her move (and assemble) some of her furniture into her new digs.

While my parents were more interested in the Chinese grocery stores in the area, I was on the hunt for pearl tea.  My pearl tea senses led me to Wonderful Dessert & Cafe:

Talk about old school.  No cute mascot or trendy decor or fancy drink options here.  Nope.  Just a lot of nostalgia-inducing candy and a counter:

We stuck to the basics because that's what you do when you try out a new pearl tea place.  I got regular milk tea with pearls while my sister got green milk tea with pearls (both $2.75):

Sometimes you just get tired of "gourmet" pearl tea and want it straight without any of the frills.  In times like that, Wonderful Dessert & Cafe is the place to go.  Like a blast from the past, Wonderful Dessert & Cafe serves solid milk tea in plastic cups with hard plastic lids.  You can even get tea eggs!

Of course, Wonderful Dessert & Cafe offers more than just milk tea.  I can't wait to "visit" my sister and swing by for one of their tapioca fruit smoothies.

And maybe a tea egg.

Wonderful Dessert & Cafe
2035 Irving St
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 731-6889


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