San Francisco: King of Noodles

When we officially moved my sister into her place in San Francisco, we didn't have to look far for a place to have dinner.  King of Noodles was located oh-so-conveniently just down the street:

The restaurant was small and filled with just enough Chinese people for us to feel comfortable walking in:

There was five of us in all, since CK was in the Bay for an extended two month business trip at the time and we basically adopted her into the family.  Even so, there was no excuse for the amount of food my parents ordered.


It started innocently enough with some black "fungers" (gotta love Chinese menus) and cucumber:

And some cold wide noodle:

Basically the Chinese equivalent of salad.  Very refreshing without being salads tend to be.

Then, things started to go a bit sideways.  We ordered the lamb noodle soup ($8.95):

Whenever she sees da lu mien on a menu (or posted on a wall as it was in this case), she's compelled to order it:

I still don't understand what it is exactly (besides being some kind of noodle soup), but I've never found it to be particularly memorable.  My mom has been chasing some elusive childhood memory with this dish and has been disappointed time and time again.  The da lu mien at King of Noodles wasn't exactly what my mom remembered, but she says it's one of the best ones she's had in the States.

We also ordered pork and chive dumplings (12 for $6.45):

And soup dumplings (6 for $4.95):

Gotta have veggies, right? Hence the string beans ($7.95):

As if that wasn't enough, we later added the shredded pancake with pork ($7.95):

But it gets worse.  We also ordered radish cakes (2 for $3.25):

Flaky crust with shredded radish inside:

Green onion pancake ($4.95):

And (this one's on me) fried bean paste cake ($4.95):

Red bean paste, to be exact:

Can anyone say carb overload?

But King of Noodles does it so well.  The noodles are made in-house as are all the other dough offerings.  The noodles, the dumpling skins, the pancakes, all had the perfect texture.  CK was especially a fan of the radish cake.  Even though she was stuffed, she couldn't stop from eating one all by herself.

We loved King of Noodles so much that we went back again when we went to visit my sister later on.  Apparently we'd left an impression on the staff because they saw us and exclaimed, "Oh!  The people who came and ordered a lot!"

Well.  We tried to control ourselves the second time around.

I strongly recommend King of Noodles.  The food is good and affordable.  (Get the black fungus and cucumbers.  It's my favorite.)  The staff is friendly.  (We cracked jokes with them the entire time.)  It's the perfect neighborhood joint...and the real reason why we visit my sister in the city.

King of Noodles
1639 Irving St
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 566-8318


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