Seattle: Rachel's Ginger Beer

Right down the block from Pike Place Chowder is Rachel's Ginger Beer:

I like ginger and my sister likes beer, so we figured why not?

The interior was bright and cheerful:

RGB offers an interesting menu of cocktails.  Unfortunately, only the non-alcoholic drinks can be taken to go.  A 12 oz cup of one of RGB's special flavors of handcrafted ginger beer will set you back $5.  Special flavors include blood orange, blueberry, white peach, and hibiscus among others.

We got the pink guava and the cucumber tarragon:

I liked the cucumber tarragon quite a lot.  As I expected, it was bright and refreshing.  The pink guava wasn't bad either.  Both had that spicy ginger tang.

Not exactly cheap, but the RGB special flavors are interesting enough for merit a cup or two...once in a long while.  If you're nowhere near Seattle, you can also order 32 oz "growler" bottles from their website and have them shipped directly to you.

Rachel's Ginger Beer
1530 Post Alley
Seattle, WA 98101


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