San Francisco: Cool Tea Bar

Back in February, I dragged my family to yet another of my work events in San Francisco.  After a day of helping people with their naturalization applications, we took advantage of being in Chinatown by first getting egg tarts at Golden Gate Bakery (which was actually open for once) and then pearl tea at Cool Tea Bar:

Cool Tea Bar is more than just drinks.  You can sit inside the restaurant and actually order food.  Or if you're doing a hit and run like we did, just order at the window and peace out once your drinks are done.

My sister got the jasmine milk tea while I went the roasted milk tea route ($3.50 each, plus $0.50 per topping).  We both wanted pearls, but were told that they'd run out.  We decided to be adventurous and try their cool balls:

So.  Weird.  Imagine popping a tiny liquid-filled plastic ball and then having to deal with the leftover casing.  Which has the texture of milk skin.


The milk tea itself was very good, but I just couldn't get over those damn cool balls.

Both my parents wanted something hot, so we got them the hot taro milk tea ($5.50):

Quite steep for a simple drink, yes, but man, that was the most legit taro milk tea I've ever had.  So legit that the girl who took our order felt obliged to warn us that the tea is made with real taro and thus to expect it to be on the chunky side.  And indeed it was super thick and super delicious.  I'm not a huge taro person, but even I can admit that shit was amazing.

If you're looking for fake fragrant watery stuff, go elsewhere.  But if you know what's up, then head on over to Cool Tea Bar.  Immediately.

Cool Tea Bar
728 Pacific Ave #118
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 781-8312


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