Seattle: Pike Place Chowder

From Dahlia Bakery, took made a little detour to Bed Bath & Beyond to make use of their facilities (shameless, I know).  Then it was off to Pike Place.  We browsed through the little craft and artisan stalls.  We gasped at the price of seafood (my father was appalled).

And when we figured we'd walked and digested enough, we made our way to Pike Place Chowder:

The line was around the corner, but it went pretty quickly.  Probably because just about everyone was only ordering chowders and it doesn't take very long to grab a bowl and dump a ladle full of the stuff into it.

Place your order at the counter, grab your tray of chowders, and then fervently hope that a table magically becomes available just as you need it.

Not a lot of seats inside:

So most people were braving the cold and sitting outside.

Pike Place Chowder isn't called that for no reason.  You can find all sorts of chowders there.  Sure, you can get plan old New England Clam Chowder, but you can also find Manhattan style chowder, Don't like seafood?  There's southwestern chicken and corn chowder.  Don't like meat?  There's vegan chowder.  

Since there were four of us, we decided to order four chowders, each of which came with a slice of white bread:

My family definitely loves our seafood, so we didn't even consider the chicken chowder.  Or the vegan chowder.  If I'd even tried to suggest that one, I would probably have been disowned then and there.

Pike Place Chowder's New England clam chowder was apparently voted "Nation's Best" at some chowder cook-off, so of course we had to order a large one ($7.95).  The seafood bisque had also been voted "Nation's Best", so we got a large of that as well ($8.95).  Both were delicious, but I think I enjoyed the seafood bisque a bit more.  It was a creamy tomato-based broth with cod, salmon, bay shrimp, and crab.  Then again, I didn't really get much of the clam chowder because my mother HOGGED THE BOWL.

To try something new, we also got a medium bowl of the seared scallop chowder ($7.45)  The chowder was flavored with dill and lime juice.  The first spoonful was amazing, but the subsequent sips became less and less appealing.  It bit too much lime juice for me.

The smoked salmon chowder ($6.75 for a medium bowl) was also also delicious at first.  Then the cream cheese and smoked salmon flavor just got to be a bit much.

Nothing some free Andes mints won't fix though:

We may have grabbed more than we should have.  Heh.

Pike Place Chowder got the thumbs up from my parents, which let me tell you, is not easy.  So go, you, Pike Place Chowder.  Keep doing what you're doing because you're killin' it.

Pike Place Chowder
1530 Post Alley
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 267-2537


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