Seattle: Pie

So the plan after brunch at Serious Pie & Biscuit was to do a bit of sightseeing, maybe get a flight of beer, have dinner with our hosts, and then bye bye Seattle early Sunday morning.

We were leaving Gas Works Park on our way to the Fremont Troll when my father suddenly suggested that we skip dinner and just leave for home that afternoon.  There was a bit of balking from the rest of us.  We had already made plans with our hosts.  (My father replied that they would actually be glad to get us out of their hair and enjoy their Christmas holiday as a family.)  This would mean driving through the night.  (My father said he didn't mind doing it.)

Ultimately, he won us over.  Driving home Saturday meant that we would have all of Sunday to recover from our trip.

After a phone call to our hosts letting them know of the change in plans and a very brief stop at the Fremont Troll (where we didn't care nearly enough to wait for a turn to take a picture posing on the sculpture), we made another pit stop just a few blocks down at Pie:

We figured it would be shady as hell to stop back at our hosts' house to pick up our luggage and sneak out while they were out without leaving behind a token of our appreciation.

Pie, very aptly named, offers, well, pie.  The first thing you see upon entering the tiny shop is the display case filled with all sorts of goodies:

There are savory pies and sweet pies.  The menu changes daily.  All come in mini pie form.

We got our hosts a box of four sweet pies:

Clockwise from the upper left: caramel apple, banana cream, berry awesome, and cranberry key lime.

The fruit pies cost $4.75 each, while the cream pies were $4.95.  Pie also offers mini-mini fruit pies for $1.50.  The mini-mini pies are so small that they're basically a bite each.

We ordered a separate box with just the berry awesome pie and the cranberry key lime pie to tide us over on our road trip back to California.  The berry awesome was tangy and very berrylicious.  My favorite, however, was the cranberry key lime pie.  I'm a sucker for key lime pie.  The addition of cranberry didn't throw me off at all.

Pie was cute, but the pies themselves were just alright.  I wouldn't go out of my way to get them.  (Whereas I would definitely go out of my way to get to the Pie Hole in LA.)

We left the box of pies in our hosts' fridge along with a thank you note.  Then, we packed up our stuff and off we went.

The weather was pretty heinous on our way through Oregon.  The rain was coming down so heavily that it was difficult to see the road.  We left Seattle around 3:30pm and got home around 4:00am.  So ended our family Christmas Seattle trip.  It ended just as abruptly as the idea to go came to my father.

Speaking of my father, props to him for driving like a beast!

...And for buying the selfie stick that provided us with so much entertainment throughout our trip.

3515 Fremont Ave N, Ste B
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 436-8590


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