Orange County: Quan Hy

We got back to Quan Hy from our detour to Hien Khanh just in time for our party to be called:

The place was super packed:

It's really rare to find an Asian restaurant as well put together as Quan Hy.  Everything looks modern and chic.  Even the bathroom is nice!

This was my second trip to Quan Hy, so I knew what was coming and I knew it was gonna be good.  The excitement at our table was palpable.

T did all the ordering.  We got the goi mit, which was jackfruit salad mixed with shrimp and pork ($10):

We figured getting a salad (a fruit salad to boot) was the healthy thing to do, given all the glutinous rice things that were coming.  The jackfruit was very subtle and not very sweet at all.  The peanuts added a nice crunch along with the crispy sesame rice crackers.

We basically ordered almost all the rice cake dishes on the menu.  There was the banh quai vac or steamed dumplings stuffed with mushrooms, pork, and shrimp ($7):

And of course the banh beo ($8), which was the entire reason why we were at Quan Hy in the first place:

These little dishes contained steamed rice cakes and were topped with shredded shrimp.  With a little drizzle of fish sauce?  Ummph.  Mmm mmmm.  Freakin' addictive.

The banh uot cuon thit bo nuong ($8) were also great:

There were essentially rice noodle rolls wrapped around grilled beef:

The banh it ram ($7) were my second favorite after the banh beo:

The texture of the steamed dumpling on top contrasts brilliantly with the crunchy (yet chewy) fried rice cake on the bottom.

A bit much for breakfast, maybe, but so damn good.  If I lived down in SoCal, I would be lining up outside Quan Hy whenever I had the chance.  It's been over a month since our trip and T is already talking about going back down for more banh beo.

I'm all for making that happen.  Booyah.

Quan Hy
9727 Bolsa Ave
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 775-7179


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