Los Angeles: Boba 7

T, my sister, and I left SoCal Sunday morning while CL stayed behind.  We first stopped by Porto's for potato balls and cheese rolls and also to meet with my friend, the Bengali Princess.

Then, on our way out, we decided to give LA one last chance to redeem itself after all our failed pearl tea experiences by making a detour for Boba 7.

Thank goodness we did some research on Yelp first.  If not for the reviews, we would never have figured out that Boba 7 is located in the back of a Thai restaurant.  The only hint of its existence on the street is a tiny collapsible sign:

You have to walk through the restaurant to get to Boba 7.  It was a pretty awkward feeling...and the restaurant wasn't even open when we went.  I can only imagine what it's like walking through the space when it's open.

Anyway, Boba 7 is essentially a bar, a counter, and some outdoor seating:

Kind of sketch, but I guess that's part of its charm.

Boba 7 is known for its alcoholic pearl tea drinks.  Yup, you read that correctly.  Alcohol.  In pearl tea.

Unfortunately, you can't buy the alcoholic drinks to go.  Since we had to be on our way, we had to give up on the alcoholic offerings and choose instead from the nonalcoholic options.

We ended up getting the #HorchataBoba and the #Bobatella:

As you can probably guess from the names, the #HorchataBoba was...well, horchata and tapioca.  The #Bobatella was Nutella milk tea with tapioca.

We really struck out in LA because none of us particularly liked either drink.  While the concepts were intriguing, both of them just tasted like watered down versions of our grand expectations.  So disappointing.  Maybe the alcoholic drinks are better.


Where can a girl get good pearl tea in LA?!

Boba 7
518 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 538-8022


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