Los Angeles: Father's Office

Three years ago, we tried to go to Father's Office.  And failed.  All thanks to my sister, who was not yet 21 at the time.

This year, my sister is finally 21, so T and I planned our entire Fourth of July weekend around getting down to Father's Office:

Making it inside was the mission, the primary objective, the end goal.  Everything else was just bonus.

We didn't really understand the reason for the strict age restriction until we made it through the door.  Father's Office is a bar, plain and simple.  Yes, it has fancy food.  Yes, it has tables.  But don't expect to be led to your seat by a hostess.  Don't expect to have someone come take your order.

Send someone to place your order at the bar.  Everyone else, scatter and try to claim a table before some hipster beats you to it.

We were lucky enough to score a table all to ourselves outside.

We split a couple things.  There was the sweet potato fries ($7.50), which came in a cute mini-fry basket:

It also came with roasted garlic blue cheese aioli.  I'm usually terrified of blue cheese, but I was surprised that I actually like the aioli.  A lot.  Which is good, because you can't ask for any substitutions at Father's Office.  Not even ketchup.

The brussels sprouts ($9) were roasted to perfection along with pine nuts, sherry vinegar, and crispy serrano:

The Spanish mushrooms ($5) were good, but not quite as memorable as the rest of the meal:

We split two entrees.  One was the duck confit salad ($13):

The duck rested on a bed of mustard greens, frisee, figs, and hazelnuts dressed with tangelo vinaigrette.

The best, by far, was The Office Burger ($12.50):

We added shoestring fries for $2.50.

Back when I was in Chicago, my roommate (Queen G, for those of you who read my posts from that far back) told me that The Office Burger is the BEST burger in all of Los Angeles.  That claim was what instigated our obsession with getting into Father's Office.

Now, I haven't tried all the burgers in LA, but I can say that The Office Burger is one damn fine (read fooooine) burger:

Caramelized onion + bacon + gruyere + blue cheese + arugula = bumpin' party in my mouth.  Again with the blue cheese.  I was hesitant at first, but I ended up loving it.

And that bacon compote tho.  Holy moly.  It was almost a religious experience.

You must go.  It was definitely worth the three year wait.

...And the six hour drive.

Father's Office
3229 Helms Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 736-2224


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