Los Angeles: Lady M Cake Boutique

The plan was to do at least one more non-food related thing in LA besides watching fireworks.  That didn't happen.  Apparently everybody and their mama goes to the beach on July Fourth weekend.  Totally should have seen the parking problem coming.

So instead of killing time in-between food excursions by hanging out at the beach, we went straight to Lady M Cake Boutique.  CL had heard that their mille crepe cake was to die for and we'd called that morning to place a hold on one for CL's mother's birthday.

We arrived at Lady M to find a line out the door:

There's only a row of tables inside Lady M, so if you're thinking of dining inside, try to limit your party to less than three people.  Actually, two would be ideal.

Because we were only picking up our cake, we got to bypass the line and head straight to the counter:

The interior looked much like the exterior, classy and very...minimalist.  Not much color going on, but I guess that's what gives it that expensive feel.

When we saw all the cakes lined up all pretty, we started having second thoughts about the cake we ordered.  Why limit yourself to one cake when you could have a variety?  We asked if it would be possible to cancel our order and get individual slices instead.  Luckily, that was okay.

There were eight cakes on display.  Before we could discuss which ones looked the most appetizing, CL blurted out, "Let's just get a slice of each!"  And of course, once that idea was thrown out into the universe, there was no way to take it back.

It had to happen.  The universe demanded it.

We could only watch in growing realization of the absurdity of what we'd just done as the girl behind the counter cut slice after slice...after slice:

We ate the first batch of cake slices after dinner at Father's Office.  CL set aside the cakes that her mother would be most interested in and we demolished the rest along with T's Mama Ninja (who we met up with for dinner) on a bench outside the restaurant.  Real classy like.  With plastic forks and all.

We had the banana mille feuille:

The cheesecake:

And the checkers:

After we got back to CL's house, we proceeded to eat the rest of the cake slices with CL's parents.

There was the coconut mille crepes:

The couronne du chocolate or "crown of chocolate":

The green tea mille crepes (which was a little worse for wear because I'd accidentally flipped upside down when I was transferring it from box to box earlier...oops!):

The red velvet:

And the original mille crepes, which was why we went to Lady M in the first place:

Essentially layer upon layer of crepes (though not quite a thousand of them), the mille crepes cakes are what Lady M is known for.  We were expected to be blown away by it, but alas, that wasn't quite the case.  The cake just tastes...well, like a stack of soggy crepes.  Maybe we left it in the car too long?  Maybe it tastes better fresh?  Perhaps.

All I know is that besides the banana mille feuille (which was friggin' delicious), the rest of the cakes didn't quite live up to the hype.  Especially for $8 a slice.

Sorry, Lady M.

Lady M Cake Boutique
8718 West 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(424) 279-9495


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