Orange County: Huong Giang Restaurant

The original plan was to grab dinner with CL's parents at Quan Hy.  When we rolled up to the restaurant, we found out that it was closed early for Fourth of July.  Wut?  Fourth of July?  Really?

Our backup plan was to hit up Brodard.  But when we arrived, there were over 20 parties ahead of us in line.  Crap.

We had to scramble for a backup plan to our backup plan and finally ended up at Huong Giang:

It get getting close to closing time, so the restaurant was pretty empty:

I don't know if it's the late hour, but our server was particularly impatient...almost to the point of being rude.  Oh well.  It's an Asian restaurant.  You're not supposed to expect great service.

You are, however, supposed to expect good food.

T ordered everything since she's Vietnamese and actually knows what she's ordering.  The rest of us just sat back and waited for the food to come.

We started with these rice noodle rolls with beef:

Some banh beo or steamed rice cakes:

We also got these banana leaf wrapped buddies called banh bot loc:

Which were clear steamed dumplings with shrimp inside:

The shrimp still had its shell on, which was a little unpleasant to eat, but it didn't bother me overly much.

Then came the hot little foil rolls:

In which were wrapped little steamed sausages:

As if that wasn't enough, we also got a bowl of dry vermicelli noodles:

And egg noodles into which you pour the bowl of soup on the side:

The food at Huong Giang was just alright.  Nothing incredibly special.  Certainly not special enough to offset the shitty service.

It did the job though.  We went to watch the Fourth of July fireworks at from Downtown Disney with full stomachs.  After which we returned to CL's house and proceeded to eat a ton of fruit...and the spring rolls we bought to-go from Brodard.

Ugh.  We're such fatties.

Huong Giang Restaurant
14564 Brookhurst St
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 531-4930


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