South Bay: Bajis' Cafe

When Valentine's Day came around, AF mentioned that since it's the first year I've been in the Bay in February since we graduated, we should have Bitter Night like we used to back in our undergrad days.  What's Bitter Night you ask?

Bitter Night is when a bunch of single girls get together to "celebrate" Valentine's Day by moaning about the scarcity of good men in the world and by stuffing our faces with all things fried and chocolate and altogether bad for you.  

So the weekend of Valentine's Day this year, CL, TT, AF, and I had a mad baking session at CL's place. We ate way too much, as usual.  Stayed up way too late talking about nothing and everything.  And then woke up the next morning for brunch at Bajis' Cafe: 

Luckily we arrived when we did because after we were seated, the place filled up and a line started at the door:

We each chose a dish and rotated them around the table.

CL ordered some kind of omelette.  I don't remember what kind.  It looks good though, right?:

It tasted good too.  Really.

AF picked the Southern skillet:

It included scrambled linguica, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, jalapeno jack cheese, salsa, and potatoes.

TT wanted to get something different, so she went with the huevos rancheros, which came with potatoes, refried beans, salsa, and eggs:

I picked the shoreline skillet:

I saw sliced avocado on the menu description and I was sold.  The scrambled beef, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, jack cheese, potatoes, eggs, and salsa were nice touches too.

All in all, I really enjoyed Bajis' Cafe.  From the food and the hefty portions to the cheerful the Girl Scout cookies being sold right outside.

Love my girls.  Some things never change.  Looking forward to Bitter Night next year!  (Uh oh...did I just curse us with being single forever?  Should I knock on wood?)

Bajis' Cafe
2423 Old Middlefield Way
Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) 967-7477


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