San Francisco: Batter Up

This is only going to be teaser post about Batter Up because, well, I haven't actually been to Batter Up yet.  Instead, Batter Up came to me.  Sorta.

Here's what happened.  After listening to some court recordings at the San Francisco Immigration Court, I took the rest of the afternoon off from work and whiled away the time by reading at the Westfield mall until AF got off of work too.  Together, we headed to the Mission to meet up with TT for dinner.

TT greeted us with a tray of fried oreos from Batter Up, which is located close to her workplace:

I'd only had a fried oreo once before and a bad one at that, so I was eager to give it a second try.  (Edit: A reader pointed out that this was in fact the 3rd time I'd had a fried oreo, the 2nd time being at Cafeteria in NY.  I apologize.  I blame my old age for my horrible memory.  Thank you, anonymous reader!)

Unlike the nasty one I had previously, this fried oreo wasn't soggy or saturated with oil:

The oreo was coated in a cornbread batter, then deep fried.  Certainly tasty, but a little too much batter in my opinion.  (Have water on hand or risk choking.)

Sorry, Batter Up.  I'll make it through your doors one of these days.  When I do, I'll write a much more substantive post, I promise.

Batter Up
888 Geneva Ave
San Francisco, CA 94112
(415) 205-6032


  1. You had fried oreos in NYC. You said, "I could pop this stuff like M&Ms."

  2. Right you are! I completely forgot about that awesome oreo in NY. Thank you for keeping me honest! (And also, thank you for paying such close attention to my blog. Hahaha...)

    Sad how my one experience with a nasty, soggy fried oreo continues to dominate my food memory, even after I've had better examples. =(

  3. haha amy you're a superstar!!!!! people keeping you in check :)


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