Oakland: Enssaro

Met up with my Chitown chicks at Enssaro after work because SY was in the mood for Ethiopian:

We got there pretty early, so things were rather quiet at first:

The three of us decided to split one meat entree and a veggie combo:

For our meat entree, we went with the ye doro tibs or cubed chicken with green peppers, onions, garlic, and Ethiopian spices.  The veggie combo included messer wot (spicy lentils), kik-alicha (yellow pigeon peas), ata-kilt (cabbage, carrots, and potatoes), and gommen (collard greens).

Don't get me wrong, everything tasted great, but what I love most about Ethiopian cuisine is the injera:

I love the sour, spongy, soft bread.  I especially love how it came rolled like a tape bandage.  We quickly mowed through that bowl and started ripping away at the injera lining the platter.

Like vultures, we were.

Enssaro Ethiopian Restaurant
366 Grand Ave
Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 238-9050


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