San Francisco: The Ice Cream Bar

We passed by The Ice Cream Bar after dinner at Cha Cha Cha, but were way too full (and cold) to even think about ice cream.  Instead, we returned the next day after breakfast at Art's Cafe:

There's nothing wrong with ice cream in the morning.

Especially when it comes from a swanky soda fountain:

We ogled over over all the ice cream flavors:

There were some pretty interesting flavors like fromage blanc and carrot cake.

Ultimately, we decided on a slice of the ice cream cake of the week:

Chocolate cake layers with peppermint ice cream and if my memory serves, coffee ice cream in-between.

We also got the caramel apple float:

Housemade green apple soda with citric acid and topped with caramelized honey ice cream.  Tasted like autumn.

Out of curiosity, we also ordered The Passion Project, which was heavily recommended by the soda jerk:

The description was too interesting to pass up: house-blended chai tea tincture, turbinado syrup, cream, lactart, soda, and tobacco aromatic.

Tobacco aromatic?  Heck, we couldn't identify any of the ingredients on the list except for the cream and soda.  Turbinado?  Tincture?  Lactart?  What the hell?  This place requires a dictionary to really know what you're ordering.

The Passion Project tasted licorice-y and made us feel like we should have been wearing smoking jackets.

The Ice Cream Bar is definitely not your average ice cream joint.  Kids are certainly welcome, but The Ice Cream Bar is designed for adults in mind, if the alcoholic fountain sodas menu is anything to go by.

As a bonus, we got to observe an engagement photo shoot while we were there.

...Awkward.  Nothing's more cringe-worthy than watching a couple pretend to laugh and kiss lovingly.

We wanted to yell at them when they ordered a milkshake as a prop but barely touched it.  What a waste!

The Ice Cream Bar
815 Cole St
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 742-4932


  1. I sooooo need to go to this magical place! I've added to my list of must-visits from the next time I visit San Francisco!


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