Thailand: Mama Cup

Today was my first day of work and for those who don't get the implications of that, let me spell it out for you: I might not be posting as often as you may want me to.  Sorry?  It's not by choice!  I want to catch up too!

Anyway, since it's a commercial break during The Voice, I bring you cup noodles from Phuket.  That's right.  First McDonald's, now cup noodles.  We were obviously ballin in Phuket.

Seriously now.  We were just so discouraged by how expensive food was and nothing looked appealing enough to be worth the expense.  So after lounging on the beach until the sun set well beyond the horizon, we dropped by the Family Mart across the street from our hotel and picked up some cup noodles.

Cup noodle flavors are so much more interesting in Asia.

Case in point, behold Mama tom yum noodles:

We freaked out a little when we realized we forgot to grab chopsticks, but Mama came through for us.  Hooray for fold-able plastic forks!  Here's one keeping my moo nam tok (pork) noodles cooking properly:

I picked the pork flavor because it looked less spicy.  Hah.  How naive of me.  I almost died trying to eat those noodles.  I couldn't even touch the soup.  Thank goodness for those plastic forks because our backup plan was to eat the noodled by slurping straight from the cup.  I probably would've died.

For real.


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