Thailand: Food Stand

We were the last ones to be dropped off at our hotel after the Phang Nga Bay tour.  On our way back, I spotted a cluster of food stands:

Apparently AG saw the same thing I did because when we were discussing what to eat for dinner, we both immediately brought up the food stands.

Upon arrival, we noticed right away that the tables were filled with locals:

That's always a good sign.

We had no clue which stand was the best one, so we chose one randomly.  Well, not so randomly.  We were so hot and thirsty that we went straight for the first stand that obviously offered juice, which turned out to be the stand at the far end.

I got myself a mango juice:

Nothing beats fresh fruit juice.  Nothing.  (Except maybe chicken butt.)

CK got some kind of pork stir fry:

I kept it simple with a pad see ew:

Though it cost almost double what it would've been in Bangkok, we were so excited about finding actual Thai food in Phuket that it didn't really matter.

Plus the stand was run by the sweetest young man and perhaps his sister.  So cute!


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