Chicago: Ramen Takeya

Goddess C and I took our sweet ass time walking from Green Street Smoked Meats to Ramen Takeya.  We joked about giving our stomachs as much time to digest as possible.  The unspoken reason why we were dragging our feet, however, was that we were both praying one of us would call the other's bluff and save us from the madness of two dinners in one night.

Alas, it didn't happen.  Way too soon, we found ourselves at Ramen Takeya's door:

It looked busy from the outside, so I was hopeful there would be a long wait. 

If only.  We were seated immediately at the counter.  The menu wasn't exactly extensive, so no way to stall time there either. 

Proving once again that my eyes are bigger than my stomach, I suggested adding an appetizer.  Not the smartest move, but YOLO, right?  We agreed on the chicken karaage nuggets ($8):

All thigh meat, the karaage came with a togarashi mayo dip.

We could have shared a bowl of ramen, but pride insisted that we each get our own.  Which is how I ended up staring at my own bowl of chicken paitan ramen ($13):

After I placed my order, Goddess C tried to pull a fast one by ordering a seaweed salad for herself.  I shut that down real quick.  Getting ramen was her idea in the first place!  I shamed her into getting a spicy chicken paitan ramen ($13.50) for herself.

"Paitan" literally means "white soup."  It's basically a milky broth and Ramen Takeya's is made with cage free chicken.  Both of our ramen came with egg noodles, Berkshire pork belly char siu, half a soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots, kikurage mushrooms, diced onions, and scallions.  The only difference was that the spicy ramen was...spicy.  Quelle surprise.

Not going to lie, it was a good bowl of ramen (though I wish they would give a whole egg instead of just half).  Aaaaaand...I finished the entire thing.  I know!  Why do I always do things like this to myself?!  I used to be able to hit up eatery after eatery after eatery.  Now?  I'm too old for this. 

Near stomach rupture aside, Ramen Takeya was a better food experience than Green Street.  I can see why it's Goddess C's favorite ramen place. 

Goddess C.  As usual, a pleasure to see you and catch up on everything that you've been up to.  Already looking forward to our next get-together!  Next time we're struggling to choose a restaurant though, ignore what I say on my blog and go with your instincts.  Let's avoid doing this double dinner thing again.  My stomach stamina isn't what it used to be.

Ramen Takeya
819 W Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 666-7710


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