Chicago: Opart Thai

I certainly couldn't go to Chicago without hitting up my SSA girls.  Empress E and Queen G were both free Friday night, but MM already had plans.  We decided to meet up at Opart Thai because it was close to the bar MM was going to be at with her coworkers:

Empress E made reservations for us just in case, but it really wasn't necessary:

I was the first one there and the hostess was nice enough to let me sit at our table to wait for my friends.  The table was right up against the window, so I was able to make awkward eye contact with both Empress E and Queen G as they separately walked up to the restaurant.  (I never know what to do in those situations.  Do you wave and then look away?  Or do you stare at them until they walk through the front door?)

Anyhoo, while Empress E and Queen G ordered themselves a glass of wine, me and my childish taste buds (alcohol, ew!) treated myself to a Thai tea:

This turned out to be a very wise decision as it saved my burning mouth from the super spicy som tum or papaya salad to you Thai cuisine noobs ($7.99):

I knew when I asked for larb ($7.99) that it would be spicy as well, but I loved the flavors of the ground chicken, Thai chilies, and lime juice so much that it was worth the pain:

I accidentally brushed the corner of my eye after eating a cabbage larb wrap and my eye started BURNING.  Queen G thought I was getting emotional listening to her share her life updates, but even I'm not skilled enough to only cry out of one eye.

The gaeng panang or panang curry ($9.59) was a bit milder:

We opted to get it with chicken instead of pork, beef, or tofu.

The pad see-iew ($8.99), however, we got with tofu:

The fact that I didn't protest the tofu choice is evidence of how much I love my girls.

The food at Opart Thai was definitely tasty, but honestly, it was overshadowed by the amazing company I had.  My SSA girls are the best and our catch up session was very much overdue.  The fun continued after dinner when we stole MM from her coworker's birthday party at the bar across the street.

If only I had more time in Chicago to hang with my girls.  Can't wait until our next reunion!

Opart Thai
1371 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60642
(312) 988-0986                             


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