Chicago: Double Happiness

I peaced out early from the Saturday naturalization workshop part of the Chicago conference so that I could spend most of the day with CK.  And of course, spending time with CK inevitably meant eating.  A lot of eating.

First, we braved the pouring rain to make it to Double Happiness:

Given the rain and the late lunch hour, it wasn't surprising that we were the only ones there:

Gotta love the basic décor.  That's always a sign of good things to come.

We started off with a you tiao or as Double Happiness called it, a Chinese long john ($1.25):

Definitely a solid you tiao.  Freshly fried and not too greasy.  It was delicious to eat just on its own.

But what CK really wanted me to experience was the assorted mixed noodle soup ($8.50):

Copying CK, I asked for the soup on the side.  Which meant we could doctor the noodles with all the condiments we wanted, from fish sauce to vinegar, from sugar to peanuts:

It's a bit tricky to find the perfect balance of condiments, but I think I did pretty good.  Well, it tasted amazing to me at least.  Of course, I had a great base to work with.  The mix of egg noodles and rice noodles had just the right amount of chew to them.  The shrimp, squid, fish ball, and pork added the necessary meatiness.  The lettuce was...meh.  I could have done without the lettuce.

I can easily understand why CK loves Double Happiness.  And why she threatened to end our friendship if I didn't love it.

The highlight of my entire trip to Chicago had to be when I stole the check from right under CK's nose.  I snatched it out of the server's hand and wrenched it away from CK in a battle of tug of war, leaving CK somehow kneeling on my chair in a fetal position while I calculated the tip across the room at another table.

Victory.  Double happiness, indeed.

Double Happiness
1061 W Argyle St
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 334-3735


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