Chicago: Green Street Smoked Meats

Happy Fourth, everyone!  Yes, I know I'm behind on my posts, but holy moly I can't believe this year is already half over.  I'm not mentally prepared yet!


Back to my April trip to Chicago.  My days were spent at the conference, but my evenings were free to spend with my Chitown girls.  While trying to figure out where to meet for dinner, Goddess C narrowed our options down to ramen or barbecue.  I told her either was fine. 

What I didn't expect her to do was to scroll through my blog and throw my own words back at me.  She decided on Green Street Smoked Meats because I had once written that most ramen taste the same.  When I saw her text, I laughed for a good minute, but part of that was out of relief because I was actually more interested in the barbecue than the ramen.

Green Street Smoked Meats was everything I remembered about dining out in Chicago:

Dimly lit interior, communal tables...basically every hipster's dream:

Green Street shares space with Sawada Coffee, which is known for its military latte (made with matcha, espresso, cocoa powder, and vanilla syrup).  I didn't really notice this at the time, but I certainly realized it when I went back with CK and her husband a couple days later for the latte and found myself standing in the café looking down into Green Street.

Yea, my observation skills could use some work, but how am I supposed to notice a coffee shop when 1) I don't drink coffee and 2) there's this in front of me:

We got a half pound of pork belly ($12.50) and a half pound of sliced brisket ($12.95).

We also ordered a side of broccoli salad ($4.95):

And a side of elote style corn ($4.95):

The best thing there was the pork belly.  Everything else was just rather...meh.  The brisket was on the dry side.  The broccoli was pretty bland.  And the dish that I was most excited about, the corn, was a huge letdown.  It needed a flavor boost.  Maybe some more lime?

Goddess C noted that we were both picking at the food.  She suggested going to get ramen since we weren't enjoying the barbecue.  I laughed, thinking that she was joking.

She wasn't. 


Stayed tuned for dinner part deux.

Green Street Smoked Meats
112 N Green St
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 754-0431


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