Tri-City: Favorite Indian Restaurant

My family now has a new favorite Indian buffet in the Bay Area.  Its name?  Favorite Indian Restaurant.  I'm serious.  That's really what it's called:

My sister discovered it through a friend and then introduced it to the rest of us.  The first time we went, we had to bribe my father into going.  (He's not a fan of Indian food.)

It was pretty quiet for a Friday evening:

Favorite Indian charges $9.99 for their lunch buffet (Monday-Sunday) and $12.99 ($12.95?) for their dinner (Friday-Sunday).  That's heckuva awesome deal for the variety of food that it offers.  The hot bar has all the basics such as butter chicken and saag, but also some other less common offerings that they change up from time to time, like ginger chicken and okra:

Behind the hot bar you'll find fish pakora, veggie pakora, and samosas:

How often do you find fish pakora at an Indian buffet?  Hardly ever!

There's also three pots of soup:

Perpendicular to the hot bar is the salad/sweets section:

Here's a typical first round for me:

I don't mess around when it comes to Indian buffets.

You get to choose between a fresh basket of plain naan or garlic naan.  We always go with garlic:

The chai is pretty strong and pre-sweetened, just the way I like it:

What really sets Favorite Indian Restaurant apart from other Indian buffets is their dessert selection.  Besides the usual kheer, you can also find gulab jamun:

And...prepare yourself...MANGO LASSI SOFT SERVE:

Woot woot!:

My parents go crazy for that stuff.  I've seen my mother go back for seconds and thirds.

So why is Favorite Indian Restaurant my new go-to Indian buffet?  To sum it up, the price is super cheap for the crazy selection, the food is actually good, and the service is surprisingly attentive.

If that doesn't convince you to give Favorite Indian Restaurant a shot, get this: my dad loves it.  That's right.  The biggest Indian food-hater of them all actually likes Favorite Indian Restaurant and has even suggested going there on other occasions.

It's a miracle! 

Favorite Indian Restaurant
1706 Decoto Rd
Union City, CA 94587
(510) 324-8819


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