Chicago: Mi Tocaya Antojeria

Claiming to be out of touch with new restaurant trends, CK consulted Eater's Heatmap to figure out where all the hip kids were eating at these days.  I don't know how she ended up deciding on Mi Tocaya: 

Barely a month old by the time of our visit, it was easy to see why Mi Tocaya attracted all the "hip kids" as CK puts it:

Mi Tocaya's menu was made up of antojitos or "small cravings."  (Basically small plates.)  We relied heavily on our server to help us finalize our order.

CK wasn't too sure about the peanut butter y lengua ($10), but our server was so adamant that we would love it that he offered to comp us the plate if we didn't:

I don't know what CK was uncertain about.  Peanut butter and lengua sound like a match made in heaven to me.  The peanut sauce had a kick to it while the pickled onions added a sharp tangy contrast.  The perfect bite included a bit of everything.

Our server told us their most popular taco was the milpa ($4).  Though charred butternut squash and chile beans with corn crema wasn't our usual go-to for tacos, we gave it a shot along with the al pastor taco ($4):

The al pastor was good, but not $4 good.  The milpa was a bit more interesting.

The fish con mole verde )$16) was probably the most interesting thing we had that night:

Because, well, fiddlehead ferns.  Fiddlehead ferns make everything more fun.

The tastiest thing we had that night was definitely the longaniza, rajas, queso fundido ($13):

Like chorizo, longaniza is a spicy sausage.  It was served on a bed of sizzling cheese and sliced poblano peppers.  It was so good that I tried to make it last as long as I could by ripping the accompanying flour tortillas into bite-size pieces:

Given that 1) it was late and 2) we'd just shared a giant tray of fruit, CK and I really weren't that hungry.  But as usual, we seemed to forget how NOT hungry we were as soon as the food starting arriving. 

Everything was delicious, but hipness typically equals a heftier price tag and Mi Tocaya was no exception.  The service was fantastic though.  Can't fault that...even if I lost the battle for the bill.  I still think CK cheated.  She buttered up our server throughout the meal and then at the end, she looked him straight in the eye and asked him to bring the bill directly to her. 

I never had a chance.

Damn you, CK.  And shame on me.  My ancestors wept in their graves.

Mi Tocaya Antojeria
2800 W Logan Blvd
Chicago, IL 60647
(872) 315-3947


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