Tri-City: Milkcow

When we found out that the Korean franchise, Milkcow, had just opened recently in the plaza across from Food Talk Cafe, we knew we had to make a stop even though we were feeling full after our late lunch:

My sister almost killed us when she made an unprotected left turn, but we made it inside in one piece:

Thank God.

The four of us were so full that we couldn't stomach the idea of ordering more than one ice cream.  We stood there like a bunch of dorks not really wanting to order anything, but feeling like we shouldn't leave without at least trying one thing.

In the end, we went with the most basic and ordered the milky cube, which is just milk soft serve with a piece of honeycomb:

Two observations right off the bat: 1) the large ($5) was actually quite small and 2) that piece of honeycomb was much, much, MUCH smaller than we imagined.

We were a little disgruntled at first, but then we figured out that a tiny bit of honeycomb goes a long way.  And the milk soft serve was deliciously subtle.  It tasted like...milk.

Quelle surprise.

Walking out of Milkcow, I still thought that it was overpriced.  However, I can see myself going back.  I've never been a fan of honey, but I've discovered that I enjoy honeycomb with ice cream.  A lot.  Next time, I'll try one of the fancier combos.

5657 Auto Mall Pkwy
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 657-8890


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