Tri-City: Food Talk Cafe

It takes the promise of lunch to get me out hiking with my friends.  The problem is, we're an indecisive bunch and it typically takes forever for us to finally decide on a place.

It took us a while, but CL, T, my sister, and I finally made our way to Food Talk Cafe after a morning of hiking at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve:

Given that it was a bit late for lunch, the place was pretty empty:

As always, the four of us split everything.  We started with fried pig's intestines ($8.99) at my request:

The reason why we ended up on Food Talk Cafe was CL's endorsement of their XO pork dumplings ($7.99):

We requested two orders since they came in sixes.  I was very excited about these dumplings because it's not very common to find dumplings made with XO sauce inside:

I was a bit disappointed though.  I expected more XO flavor.  More oomph.  Just...more.

The salted fish and chicken with eggplant clay pot ($12.99) was pretty good though:

The beef brisket noodle soup ($8.99) was just kind of meh:

The noodles themselves were executed well, but the soup?  Nothing to write home about.  Or in a blog post about.

Overall, I just felt a bit underwhelmed.  And that everything was rather overpriced.  You can definitely find better Chinese food at better prices elsewhere.  You don't even have to look very far.  In fact, you can find a couple places just in the same plaza.

Sorry, Food Talk Cafe.  I'll be sticking with your neighbors.

Food Talk Cafe
43755 Boscell Rd
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 668-0898


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