Orange County: Poki Monster

We took advantage of being in SoCal by spending a few days in Irvine after Death Valley.  During that time, we hit up all our favorites, such as spring rolls at Brodard, green Thai tea at Seaside Bakery, and grass jelly shaved ice at Meet Fresh (twice, of course).

Speaking of Meet Fresh, I have really exciting news.  Meet Fresh is coming to the Bay Area!!  AHHHHHH!

This just shows that dreams really do come true.

Anyway.  It's not open yet, so I should try to control myself.  Once it is, however, there will be no stopping me.  Muahahaha!!

Back to our time in Irvine.  On our last night there, we treated our hosts to a meal at Poki Monster:

Our hosts are longtime family friends of ours.  They love trying new things, so my sister and I figured it would be fun to introduce them (as well as our parents) to a poke restaurant.

Like all the other poke joints out there, Poki Monster follows the Chipotle format:

First step, choose what size you want your bowl to be.  A regular costs $8.99 and includes three scoops of fish.  A large costs $11.99 and gets you five scoops of fish.

Next, decide what your base will be.  Your options include white rice, brown rice, salad, or nacho chips.

Then, the fun step, picking your fish.  There's tuna, spicy tuna, salmon, spicy salmon, bay scallop, albacore, and cooked shrimp.

After the fish comes a free for all of toppings.  If you get a bit of everything, your bowl will have crab meat, masago, avacado, seaweed salad, red onion, cucumber, green onion, ginger, wasabi, nori, sesame seed, and furikake.  (If you want extra scoops of crab meat, masago, avocado, or seaweed salad, be prepared to pay and extra $0.75 per scoop.)

Finally, it's time for sauces.  You can choose from poki sauce spicy mayo, sesame oil, volcano #1, volcano #2, and volcano #3.  I stayed away from the spicy sauces, so I can't tell you whether or not they really are spicy.

Here's what my final product looked like:

Poki Monster also offers miso soup ($1.50):

Skip it.  The poke is great, but the soup is not worth it.  Save that money and go next door to 7 Leaves for a Vietnamese coffee instead.

This post concludes my food adventures of 2015.  Stay tuned for more awesome things to come in 2016!

Poki Monster
13771 Newport Ave #10
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 838-8029


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