Peru: Panificadora Moretti

AG was feeling a bit under the weather after lunch at La Nueva Palomino, so we left him at home to hopefully sleep it off while the rest of us explored the city.  We felt a little bit bad for ditching him, so instead of eating out, we decided to bring back dinner...and pills.

Our Airbnb hosts were incredibly friendly and had sent me a long message with all the great eats in the neighborhood.  One of which was Panificadora Moretti:

Moretti is known for its empanadas.  Our hostess was adamant that we must try the arabe one.  But when we tried to order it, they were fresh out.  Drat.

Instead we randomly got a bunch of other goodies:

We got the lomo saltado or beef empanada:

The hot dog was too cute to pass up:

The cheese one was interesting:

The caramel center of the alfajore was subtly sweet, but the cookie was a bit too crumbly for our tastes:

We were really determined to try the arabe, so we went back to Moretti the next day as well.  Luckily, they had some:

It.  Was.  Magic:

AG described it best.  It tasted like larb in an empanada.  For those of you who have never tried larb, it's basically minced meat with lots and lots of lime.  Magical, magical lime.

We also got a date pastry:

But never mind that.  Let's go back to the arabe.

We loved it so much that on our last day in Arequipa, we went and bought seven.  That's right.  Seven.  We were obsessed.

Panificadora Moretti
Calle Alfonso Ugarte 507, Yanahuara, Arequipa, Lima


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