Peru: Bembos

We had quite a bit of time to kill before our overnight bus to Arequipa, so we took a nice stroll through Miraflores to the coastline where we walked around until we digested enough to fit in another meal.

Yea.  That's how we roll.

My sister had been told to check out Bembos while in Peru.  Apparently it's equivalent to McDonald's in the States.  So when we saw one on the way to the coast, we made a note to stop by on the way back:

The decor was fun and colorful and felt like your average fast food joint:

After much deliberation, we ordered three burgers.  For a classic experience, we ordered the queso tocino (S/.8.90) off the "clasiqueras" menu:

Can't go wrong with thick cut bacon, tomato, lettuce, and mayo.

Then, for the Peruvian flair, we got the a lo pobre (S/.12.90) off the "Peruanas" menu:

It came with fried egg, white onion, tomato, and mayo.  I guess what made it "Peruvian" was the addition of fried plantain.

The huachana (S./12.90) also came off the "Peruanas" menu:

The burger was topped with shoestring fries, egg, huacho sausage, mayo, and lettuce.

We ordered two of the burgers as combos so that we could get drinks and fries:

Besides the usual ketchup, Bembos also offers mayo and aji sauce:

In the end, we all concluded that Bembos was just alright.  The burgers were decent, but not all that memorable.  Sorry, Bembos.  Between La Lucha and Bembos, we would go with La Lucha all day err day.

Av. Malecón Balta 626, Miraflores 15074, Peru
+51 1 7174817


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