Peru: Cruz del Sur

We took multiple bus rides while in Peru, all with the same bus company, Cruz del Sur.  The tickets were not the cheapest option available, but I thought it was worth it for comfortable seating, a safe driver, not bad movie selection (minus the horror stuff), the MOST AMAZING BLANKET EVER, and surprise, surprise, pretty decent food.

Actually, the food was better than decent on our ride from Lima to Arequipa.  After taking the first bite, I was compelled to look up and make eye contact with CK across the aisle to verify that yes, I was not hallucinating and that yes, this was actually quite tasty.

When I booked the bus tickets online, I was able to choose between carne, pollo, and vegetarian for the meal.  Vegetarian?  Hah.  I went with pollo since my sister wanted carne.

The full meal looked like one you would get on a flight:

But that's where the similarities ended.

My chicken was tender and well seasoned.  And the rice!  The rice was so fluffy and flavorful!  Even the pasta salad with ham was delicious.  I tried my sister's carne and it was just as good.  The only thing I didn't like so much was the banana crepe.

We were offered a beverage of our choice along with the meal.  I was curious about Inca Kola since it was everywhere, but had never been brave enough to buy a full bottle of it because of it's toxic-looking yellow color.  My cheap Chinese self felt that getting a complimentary cup was the best way to test it out:

Thank god it was free.  Oh my gawd.  Ugh.  It was super sweet and didn't taste like anyting naturally found on this earth.  Ack...just thinking about it makes me cry a little inside.  No offense, people of Peru.

The journey to Arequipa was our longest bus ride and as such, it also came with breakfast:

The ham sandwich wasn't anything fancy, but it wasn't bad either.  And the cupcake/muffin was just sweet enough and pretty darn good.

Good food on a bus.  Who knew?

Maybe we were just so starved by the time we boarded the bus then that everything tasted good.  Or maybe our expectations were so low that we were taken off guard by decent food.  Whatever the reason, good job, Cruz del Sur.  Good job.

Cruz del Sur


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