Peru: Cevicheria Fory Fay

When we heard that there's a cevicheria in Arequipa that serves uni (sea urchin) ceviche, we knew we had to go, even if there's not enough meals in a day.  Cevicheria Fory Fay is great for lunch, but even better for second lunch:

We weren't the only ones who thought so:

Before we could place our order, our server brought over a plate with each type of seafood offered:

A sampler platter of sorts to help you decide what you want to eat.  Problem was, we wanted everything.

She also brought us shots of leche de tigre ("tiger's milk") or ceviche juice:

Thankfully it was nowhere as salty as the ceviche juice we had at Chez Wong.  We were a little hesitant at first, but after a tentative sip, it was easy to slam back the shot.  Especially with roasted corn to snack on.

The chilies at Fory Fay looked pretty innocent, but I knew better than to chance it:

And I was right.  According to CK, they were super spicy.

We went all out and ordered the ceviche mixto con erizo or mixed ceviche with uni (S/.30 or $10):

It had everything we could ask for.  Fish, octopus, and of course, beautiful, beautiful uni:

Uni in ceviche was a strange but lovely experience.  The uni was so buttery and smooth that it almost seemed to melt into the ceviche.  But man, uni.  How can anyone go wrong with uni?

To complement the ceviche, we added a chicharron mixto or mixed fried platter (S/.27 or $9):

Don't get me wrong, it was good, but it was definitely less memorable than the uni.

I stand by my earlier statement.  Fory Fay is great for lunch, but I would recommend going in-between meals and just ordering the ceviche.  It's not filling, but it's delicious and worth the experience.

Cevicheria Fory Fay
Alvarez Thomas 221, Arequipa, Peru


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