South Bay: VN Grill

When VN Grill first opened by my house, I kind of brushed it off as one of those places working people go to during their lunch hour because it's convenient:

But then my sister went and had only good things to say about it.  She brought my parents and they became fans too.  So of course I had to go check it out.

VN Grill is set up like Chipotle, but instead of building your own burrito, you're building your own bowl.  When you enter, just walk straight up to the counter and follow the step by step menu posted:

First, choose your base.  The options are white rice, rice noodles, brown rice, and salad.  Next, add your protein.  Pick from VN pork ($7.55), chicken ($6.95), beef ($8.55), shrimp ($8.55), or tofu ($6.95).  Third, select your veggies.  You can pick and choose or just ask for everything.

Lastly, pick your sauce.  You get two from VN sauce (their signature fish sauce), lime soy vinaigrette, tamarind vinaigrette, and sesame dressing (extra $1.50).  Because we were a party of four, we got all three free sauces and asked for chili sauce on the side:

Here's what my bowl turned out like:

I went with rice noodles, pork, and all the veggies except for the jalapenos.  As for the sauces, I didn't really know what I was doing, so I just kind of squeezed a bit of everything in.  The end result was exactly how I expected a bowl of rice noodles to taste: refreshing and light.  The pork wasn't my favorite, but the chicken my sister ordered was pretty good.

If you're trying to avoid a heavy meal, VN Grill is perfect for you.  It is filling without the food coma and while it might not be the most authentic Vietnamese food, you can design your bowl however you wish.  I would definitely go back.

VN Grill
1085 E Brokaw Rd
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 441-7900


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