Tri-City: Super Cue Cafe

One of my family's new favorite restaurants is General Pot.  We love its dry pot with intestine.  It's become almost a tradition to walk a few doors down to Super Cue Cafe every time after we eat at General Pot:

Super Cue serves both pearl tea and food, hence the half-restaurant-like feel:

We've never tried the food there because we've always been about the drinks.  The hot drinks to be exact.  And that's because for a while during the winter months, Super Cue was offering buy one get one hot drink free.

So we always made sure to order our hot drinks in multiples of two:

Out of all the pearl tea places I've tried, I think Super Cue has the best hot milk tea.  Instead of just making a regular milk tea hot, Super Cue makes milk tea lattes ($3.50):

My favorite is the assam milk tea.  It has a good, strong tea flavor, without being bitter.

Super Cue runs on the sweet side, so if that bothers you, adjust your sweetness level.  If you want pearls, that's another $0.40.

It's a bit out of the way for me, so while it's not my go-to pearl tea place, whenever I'm in the area (eating at General Pot), Super Cue does the job.

Especially when it's cold outside.

Super Cue Cafe
43743 Boscell Rd
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 770-9478


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