South Bay: Thousand Tasty

My parents dragged the family to Thousand Tasty after they saw a photo one of their friends posted on FB:

For weekend lunch, it was pretty quiet inside:

The "Chinese burger" was essentially a mo (a kind of dense bread) with your choice of meat.  We went with the cumin beef burger ($3.99):

We were curious about what a "multi-layer cake" was.  Turned out it was essentially a green onion pancake folded over:

We got the gomi chicken cheese multi-layer cake ($8.99) at the suggestion of our server:

Like a Chinese quesadilla.  With peas.  I hate peas.  The chicken was good though.  Probably the best thing we had that day, but not sure if it was worth 9 bucks.

We also ordered the combination shredded pancake ($8.95):

Instead of noodles, shredded pancake is exactly what it sounds like.  Just...neater.  Think sliced green onion pancakes.  Without the green onion.

My mom is a noodle fanatic.  She really wanted to try the seafood noodle soup ($8.95):

She expected it to be spicy, but it wasn't at all.  She was definitely not happy.

Whenever we find lamb soup with mo bread on a menu, we have to order it.  It's like an obsession.  The one at Thousand Tasty is translated as "pieces bread in lamb soup" ($9.95):

Instead of the large chunks of mo bread that we're used to finding, the mo in this soup came diced into tiny cubes.  The problem with that was the bread got soggy real fast.

Overall, we weren't that impressed with Thousand Tasty.  Not with their food.  Not with their prices.  And certainly not with their young servers with their popped collars and I'm-too-cool-for-this attitude.

This just shows that you can't always trust FB photos.

Thousand Tasty
50 Dixon Rd
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 262-3338


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