Oakland: Tian Jin Dumplings

I'd been eyeing Tian Jin Dumplings for a long, long time.  Essentially just a window with a very limited menu, I was skeptical at first.  Then my friend told me that it was actually good and I made up my mind to give it a try.

Much easier said than done.  It seemed like every time I wanted to go, it was closed.  (Later, I found out that Tian Jin Dumplings is closed on Tuesdays.  I guess I just happened to always try to go on a Tuesday.)  Or, if I was in Oakland Chinatown with my coworker for lunch, it would be because she was having a craving for noodles and so we would end up at Shan Dong Restaurant instead.

Finally, there came a day when the stars aligned.  I didn't pack lunch.  My coworker wasn't in the office.  I had cash.  And it was NOT a Tuesday.

Hello, Tian Jin Dumplings:

I was tempted by the dumplings, but I wanted to try things I'd never had before.  The pan fried cake was only $0.50 each:

I should have know that for that price, there would be nothing in it.  Instead, it was very densely layered biscuit:

I would definitely recommend eating one of these with some kind of liquid handy.

The savory Tianjin crepe ($3.95) was what I was really curious about:

Think green onion and egg crepe wrapped around a Chinese donut (you tiao), parsley, preserved veggies, chili sauce, and some kind of sweet sauce.  Quite subtle in flavor and very, very filling.  It just felt like it was missing a little something to make it truly satisfying.

Oh yea.  Meat.

While everything was good, I think I'll stick with the dumplings the next time the stars align.

Tian Jin Dumplings
989 Franklin St, Ste B
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 459-6265


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