South Bay: Big T's Oyster Bar

My sister and I met up with T and CV at Big T's Oyster Bar for dinner a while back:

It seemed like a pretty hip place.  Big screens blasting sports coverage on the walls and servers that seemed very, very young in comparison with us old hags.  Plenty of natural light, which was a plus:

We tried to ask our server for recommendations on oysters.  But when he described one type of oyster as tasting "fluffy," we knew we were on our own.  We ended up ordering half a dozen kumamotos ($11.50) and half a dozen shigoku ($11.50)

The lobster salad ($15) was heavy on the cumin, but light on the lobster:

We actually preferred the greens underneath to the lobster salad.

The razor clams were $34.99 per lb.  This was $17.50 worth:

Not bad.  Would have been more enjoyable if it hadn't been for the shards of shell that kept slipping into our mouths.

What I was most interested in was the geoduck.  When you order geoduck at Big T's, you get it prepared two ways.  Sashimi:

And fried:

I liked the sashimi more than the fried.  There's a crunch to it, as if the geoduck tensed itself as it was being sliced.  Morbid, eh?  I hope that didn't scare anyone away from trying it.

What should scare people away is the hefty price tag.  Those two tiny servings?  $36.79.


Honestly, we weren't impressed by Big T's.  If anything, we were turned off by its prices relative to its portion sizes.  If it wasn't for T's $50 Groupon, our itty bitty meal would have cost us $100.37.

A hundred bucks that could have been better spent on better tasting food.  A lot more better tasting food.

Sorry, Big T's.  You can keep your fluffy oysters.  I'll be getting my seafood fix elsewhere.

Big T's Oyster House
1694 Tully Rd, Ste B
San Jose, CA 95122
(408) 238-2888


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